Connecting members to share their expertise and experience at the bargaining table.

This section of the website allows us to share strategies and information within our respective sectors, and nationally. It also helps provide more bargaining education and development to make our members better negotiators.

By sharing information related to job sectors and occupations, members will be able to learn from one another, identify best practices and winning strategies, as well as strengthen the sector by way of increased knowledge and ideas amongst our local activists.

As economic and political challenges mount, CUPE locals in all sectors are faced with increasingly difficult bargaining. For us to keep achieving real gains for our members, we must be ready to bargain smart.

The sectors were adjusted in December 2015 by the NEB resolution on sector realignment. Most of the sectors remain as they were before. However, two sectors were eliminated: Airlines (and other federally regulated groups) and Provincial Government and Crown Corporations. Members in those sectors will now join workers in the sectors most related to their work. Two new sectors were created, Transportation (including airlines and other transport industries) and Communication (for members working in the broadcasting, newspaper, publishing and telecommunications industries). The Emergency Services sector has been expanded to Emergency and Security Services. All of the sectors are outlined in the revised sector guidelines.