The emergency and security services sector is made up of emergency medical, police and fire services.  The sector was expanded from the previous emergency services sector by the NEB resolution on Council Realignment. Within CUPE, the vast majority of ES workers are EMS workers – paramedics, communication officers (dispatchers), administrative and maintenance staff.

CUPE is the largest union of EMS staff in Canada, representing over 8,000 workers in the industry – all EMS staff in BC, New Brunswick, PEI, most EMS staff in Ontario, and some EMS staff in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland and Labrador. Roughly three-quarters of these members are represented by EMS-only locals, while the other quarter is represented by broader municipal or health care locals.

CUPE also represents some police officers and firefighters in PEI and New Brunswick, as well as some police administrative staff in Quebec and BC