In December 2015, the National Executive Board voted to change the way CUPE’s sectors are organized.

Most of the sectors are staying the way they were before. However, two sectors were eliminated: Airlines (and other federally regulated groups) and Provincial Government and Crown Corporations. If you were in one of those sectors, you will now join the sector most related to your work. For example, members who work in provincial legal aid offices will now be in the Social Services sector.

The resolution also created two new sectors: Transportation Services (which includes members working in airlines, airports, ferries, port authorities, rail, roads and transit industries) and Communication (which includes members working in the broadcasting, newspaper, publishing and telecommunications industries.

Finally, the Emergency Services sector has been expanded to Emergency and Security Services, which includes emergency medical (ambulance), correctional, fire, police and security services. All the other sectors remain the same, though they may have new members joining them from the sectors that were eliminated. 

All of the sectors are outlined in the CUPE National Sector Council Guidelines.