CUPE represents approximately 23,000 members in the transportation sector, including workers in airlines, airports, ferries, port authorities, rail, roads and highways, as well as public and private transit systems.

The airline division is the largest segment of the transportation sector, representing almost 9,200 members in seven airlines. Air Canada, which includes Air Canada mainline and the low-cost leisure carrier Air Canada Rouge, is the largest of two regularly-scheduled operators in the division with almost 6,400 flight attendants, followed by Cathay Pacific with over 360 members. Over 2,000 members work at leisure carriers Air Transat and Sunwing Airlines. The remaining members, just over 200, are employed at regional airlines: Calm Air, First Air, and Canadian North. The airlines are publicly-traded corporations with the exception of privately-held First Air and Sunwing Airlines.

CUPE also represents a small number of maintenance workers at five municipal airports. Municipal authorities govern Canadian airports.