More than half of all education workers across Canada are CUPE members. CUPE represents over 130,000 workers in elementary and secondary schools across Canada in every classification in the school system – except teachers and management – in 411 education bargaining units.

From almost 55,000 members in Ontario to representing 100 per cent of the education workers in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, CUPE’s Education Sector remains one of the strongest in Canada. We represent the full range of support staff classifications in nearly every province.

About one-third of CUPE education workers work as educational assistants, 25 per cent as custodians, and 13 per cent as school office staff.

Approximately 83 per cent of CUPE members working in schools are women, especially in classifications such as educational assistant, school office, library technician and early childhood educator. Less than one per cent identified as having a non-binary gender.

Men tend to predominate in trades and maintenance positions as well as information technology. Over 50 cent of CUPE education sector members are over 50 years old. Forty-two per cent are between 30 and 50 years old, and almost six per cent are under 30.


School Supports: Portraits of CUPE School Board Workers in Ontario

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