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Christian Nadeau on the importance of taking to the streets on November 29
Professor of philosophy at the Université de Montréal and essayist Christian Nadeau explains the importance of demonstrating en masse on November 29. Governments will pursue their own agendas as they like unless the people rise up in protest.

 Daniel Boucher will be demonstrating against Liberal austerity on November 29!
Signer-songwriter Daniel Boucher is encouraging everyone to take part in the march against austerity on November 29! He will be on the ground standing shoulder to shoulder with demonstrators in Montréal.


Why professor and essayist Normand Baillargeon plans to march on November 29
Professor at UQAM, essayist and philosophy columnist Normand Baillargeon explains why he will be marching on November 29.


Why Mathieu St-Onge and Rosalynn Nguyen encourage you to march on November 29
Artist, video blogger and Musique Plus contributor Mathieu St-Onge, Quelque Show host Rosalynn Nguyen and baby Huxley encourage you to march on November 29 against the worst of the austerity measures in Quebec. 


Why Gabriel Nadeau Dubois will be marching on November 29
Gabriel Nadeau Dubois will be marching for social justice, the redistribution of wealth and a government that is willing to bring about change. He reminds us that together we are strong. 


Why author Yves Beauchemin will be marching on November 29
This November 29, people, civil society organizations and unions will be marching against the austerity measures proposed by the Couillard government. Yves expresses his opinion with the spirit for which he is known and encourages us all to get out there and march for common sense!s!