We’ve been together for over 50 years.

We do different jobs that require different skills. We are diverse – from all sorts of backgrounds in all corners of the country.

But we’re connected by a common purpose. Together we’ve fought for the things that matter most: Fairness. Equality. Dignity.

For a voice. For more political and economic power. For a better place to live and raise our kids.

We are 627,000 public service workers. We are neighbours. We are family. We are strong.

We are CUPE.

1963 - 1972
Two national public-sector unions join as one and the Canadian labour movement is transformed.

1973 - 1982
In a decade of social upheaval, CUPE becomes a powerful voice of fairness for public employees, and for Canadians everywhere.

1983 - 1992
A strong and united CUPE confronts a right-wing assault on working people and the public sector.

1993 - 2002
As conservative forces dig in, two things become clear: we have a long battle ahead and CUPE is more than equal to the challenge.

2003 - 2012
A decade marked by economic inequality and attacks on our rights finds us stronger than ever: celebrating our 50th year, and taking on our biggest challenges yet.