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The Vancouver Courier, a community daily newspaper has an article illustrating the brutal effects of the provincial government’s contract-gutting legislation on health care workers.

The story profiles Shahida Bains, a housekeeper at the Vancouver General Hospital who, after 23 years of service, found herself having to apply for her job again, with Aramark Canada, the new contractor. Only for half the salary and with no benefits.

Workers who accept jobs with Aramark will be members of the IWA, Local 1-9567.

Bains told The Courier:

“As soon as I entered the interview, I saw there were security guards on three doors,” she said. “We had the interview and then I was told to go through another door past another security guard to talk to the union.

“We went through the collective agreement and I asked for a copy. I was told that on the third day of work, the IWA will come and give us the contract. I thought that was not right. I told the lady at the IWA that when I came to Canada 30 years ago from Uganda, I was making $8 per hour. She told me I am lucky to have a job in this day and age. I said, ‘You mean to tell me that after 30 years, instead of going forward I have to go backward in my life? I’ve been working in the health system for the past 23 years.’ I looked at her and laughed and I walked away and that was it.”