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TorontoLegislation introduced today by the Ontario government clearly shows that the sale of Hydro One has never been off the table, says Paul Kahnert, a spokesperson with the Ontario Electricity Coalition (OEC), a province-wide group that supports keeping electricity public.

Premier Eves and his minister of energy are talking out of both sides of their mouth when they insist that the introduction of the legislation, intended to give the province the authority to sell-off Hydro One, doesnt mean the utility will be privatized. But the reality is this government is trying to hoodwink Ontarians - who are decidedly opposed to private power into thinking the government is looking at options to a fire sale privatization of hydro, says Kahnert.

The OEC has consistently challenged the government to tell Ontarians the truth about its goal to privatize the entire electricity system and was critical of the sham government consultation sessions regarding the privatization of hydro.

Its clear Eves is no different than his predecessor is practicing doublespeak. When the government says it wants to change the status quo and bring market discipline to hydro what this really means is that our now profitable public asset will be sold to private interests, says Kahnert.

In addition to the glaringly obvious contradictions, says Kahnert, this government is continuing in the hallmark tradition of the Tories to deal with issues by not listening to the will of Ontarians and ramming legislation through to facilitate their goal to privatize all our public services.


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