Telus LogoCUPE 5144, the union representing supervisory personnel Telus, has noted that new staffing cuts will affect workers based in Rimouski, Quebec.

“Telus has not made any public announcement, as it is protective of its brand image. We’re told that there are too many unionized employees in Quebec, but the sad reality is that we’re splitting up our work outside of Quebec to better justify taking it away from us later. It’s unacceptable!” said Brian Leclerc, president of CUPE 5144.

Although these job cuts are being made through voluntary departures, some fifty or so quality well-paying jobs are being shipped abroad. They often go to countries where working conditions and employee rights are not nearly as good as they are in Quebec.

“The Rimouski jewel is quietly turning into a foreign-bound ship! Workers in Quebec are still bearing the brunt of staff cuts imposed by decision-makers in Western Canada,” said Leclerc.

Telus financial reports reveal that 6800 good unionized jobs have been lost in Canada in the past ten years at a time when the company created 59,700 positions outside the country through business acquisitions or transfers of Canadian jobs abroad. Over the same period, both CUPE locals in Quebec have lost 415 jobs.