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The boots told the tale. A peaceful demonstration near the “Three Amigos” meeting of George W. Bush, Stephen Harper and Felipe Calderone at Montebello, Que., this week saw three men, possibly police agents, posing as demonstrators planted in the crowd to incite violence.

A CUPE staff member managed to take revealing photographs of the men’s boots as riot police arrested them. The photos show that the men were wearing boots identical to the police footwear. When the dust settled, news reports showed that the three were nowhere to be found on the arrest sheet. Police have so far failed to comment.


The odd circumstances of the “arrest” were also captured in a now-famous video which, after being posted to YouTube, has been watched over 130,000 times. With the evidence from the photographs and video, presented yesterday at a press conference held by eyewitnesses Dave Coles of the Communications Energy and Paperworkers and Maude Barlow of the Council of Canadians, the story also appeared in newspapers and on television across the country.