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But a decade of pay equity progress threatened by Campbell Liberals

A significant ruling by a pay equity arbitrator means all HEU members covered by the facilities collective agreement will have their wages adjusted to within five per cent of their pay equity target rates by 2003.

Arbitrator Stephen Kelleher agreed with HEU and its union partners in the sector that 2002 pay equity monies should be targeted to those classifications furthest below their pay equity target rates.

In concrete terms, this means a $30 a month boost for those classifications three to eight per cent below their pay equity targets; $50 for those classifications eight to nine per cent below their targets; $75 for gaps of between nine and ten per cent; and $140 where the gap remains greater than ten per cent.

Kelleher also agreed with the unions that 2003 pay equity monies be used to bring all classifications to within five per cent of their pay equity targets.

Neither the total funds available for pay equity adjustments under the current contract nor the actual pay equity target rates are under dispute.

HEU members have made remarkable progress towards the goal of pay equity since 1992,” says HEU assistant-secretary business manager Zorica Bosancic. “But we’ll have to fight to defend our pay equity gains in the face of a provincial government that is clearly targeting our wage rates.”

The largest group of workers to benefit from Kelleher’s ruling are members of the nursing team. Care Aides and LPNs are more than 12 per cent behind their pay equity target rates.


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