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Paul Moist has launched a new section on cupe.ca. Paul’s Page will feature wide array of news, photos, videos, opinion pieces and other information from the national president.

In his most recent post, Paul writes about his long-held support for the New Democratic Party, and how important the NDP is to the Canadian labour movement.


My longstanding commitment to the NDP flows directly from my work as a trade unionist.  I have been an active member of the New Democratic Party for over thirty years, the Party for social democracy, the Party for labour. 

As a trade unionist I’ve found comfort and deep belief that social democrats want, and believe in, a better way for people to share in Canada’s wealth and support one another.

So, I wasn’t “born into” the NDP, but I have spent my entire adult life as a member, a constituency association president, a convention delegate and I guess in short, an active social democrat.

While I was in Wisconsin recently to support our public sector worker sisters and brothers, whose trade union rights are under attack, I thought how sad it is that another political option, a labour party, has not emerged in the United States.

I know of no examples where true social justice, human and labour rights have been achieved without labour being an active player in a major political party - one founded and embraced by organized labour.

Political membership by trade unionists does not always guarantee positive results for workers in terms of workplace rights and economic justice.  But, political isolation by workers is an absolute assurance of poverty and injustice for workers and their families.

So as we get ready to knock on doors and debate the issues, I proudly do so as a New Democrat.  As always we will face challenges, but we will provide Canadians everywhere with an option for a fairer and more prosperous country for all – the NDP

After the election, there will be a guarantee that every New Democrat MP we elect and all members of our party will never stop standing up for public services, equality and support for those most in need in our country.

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