The union representing Pascan Aviation flight attendants vehemently denounce the layoffs announced by Pascan, a local air carrier. Close to one half of the twenty or so flight attendants could lose their jobs in the coming weeks. Pilots are also affected. The company also revealed its intention to close its base in Quebec City on November 27, 2023.

According to the union’s president, these layoffs directly stem from the Government of Quebec’s discontinuation of the Regional Air Services Assistance Program.

“These layoffs exacerbate the feeling of loss that the public in regions across Quebec are currently experiencing due to the progressive move away from essential airline services. In addition, this will also eliminate some interesting jobs,” deplored Jessé Vigneault, president of the union representing Pascan Aviation flight attendants.

The decision to scrap this government assistance program, which is intended to maintain regional airline services, has been criticized by several social and political figures, who point out that this decision jeopardizes the crucial links available to citizens living in remote or underserved areas.

The union is calling on government authorities to revisit the termination of this assistance program and to take immediate action to protect essential regional airline services. The union will also continue to work diligently to defend the interests of its members.