Button #1: Righteous Work – Just Pay

Righteous Work – Just Pay, that’s the name of the social services sector’s new campaign template.

We’ve created graphics you can use in your local campaigns from coast-to-coast-to-coast. Use it in bargaining, to mobilize your members or put pressure on the government. This follows from the success of the Respect campaign, which was launched in 2002.

We think the slogan gets at key issues in the sector. Social services workers do really important work in our communities yet wages are not in line with the value of their work. We hope this campaign is useful to your local and resonates with your members!

Button #2: Righteous Work – Just Pay

How you can use the campaign template

There are endless ways to use the campaign template:

  1. Strengthen membership mobilization to support the entire bargaining process: Use the campaign template when having one-on-one conversations with members.
  2. Put pressure on government to increase funding: Use the campaign template in petitions, protests, letters and flyers.
  3. Build relationships with allies: Use the template to make the case that service quality is linked to good staff compensation in letters and flyers for allies.

Button #3: Righteous Work – Just Pay

What is available?

The graphics for various campaign materials are attached below. Your local can add your own campaign info and then print.

For buttons, you can order them online at cupe.ca/order-online.

Samples of buttons, stickers and the poster are being mailed to all social services locals. Contact socialservices@cupe.ca with any questions.