One-on-one conversations are the best way to connect with members about important issues like bargaining. Use this guide in conversations with members and hand out Righteous Work – Just Pay stickers following the conversations.

The purpose of these one-on-one conversations with members is to:

  • Find out what the key issues are for bargaining.
  • Know what collective bargaining is and why it’s important.
  • Build contact lists (non-work e-mail, phone and address) for collective bargaining.


  • Introduce yourself and your position in the union
  • Open the conversation with something like:

We’re starting to ramp up for another round of bargaining. We are wondering how aware members are about the collective bargaining process. We are reaching out to all our members to hear what you think.


  • Have you been involved in collective bargaining before?
  • What are your top issues at work?
  • How do you think member participation contributes to the process?
  • Do you mind giving me your email address and phone number? We need to make sure we can keep everyone informed of what happens in bargaining.

Key points to make

  • Collective bargaining has allowed us to make gains such as [enter information here].
  • Collective bargaining is the process through which we improve our working conditions and wages. We develop a list of demands, we sit down with our employer and we negotiate a new contract.
  • It’s really important to participate in bargaining activities so our employer knows we’re serious and united. We’re asking all members to wear these Righteous Work – Just Pay stickers next week.
  • Collective bargaining works. I hope that you’ll take part in bargaining activities!


  • Use the Fairness Conversation Tracking Form to track the information. Contact for more information on available tools to support ongoing conversations with your members.
  • Hand out Righteous Work – Just Pay stickers. You can find the graphics files to print here.
  • Contact with any questions.