In Memory

The Board observed a minute of silence to reflect upon the loss of members of our CUPE family. Remembered were: Doug Jones, Local 79; Guy Arseneault, retired staff; Darcy Beggs, retired staff; Maurice Boisvert, retired staff; Joanne Harvey, retired staff; Georges Landry, retired staff; Betty Jean Sutherland, retired staff; Susan Yuile-Assaly, retired staff; Gloria Forward, retired staff; Harold Johnson, former staff.

Trial Panelists

The NEB approved the appointment of 42 members from across the country to serve on regional trial panels, in accordance with Appendix F of the National Constitution. Another call for applications will go out to members later this year. We will be looking for members who have a capacity to listen and understand different perspectives, an understanding of human rights, the ability to convey a decision in writing, and are available to do the work of a trial committee. If this is something you might be interested in, speak to your national representative.

Safe Union Spaces Working Group

The working group presented a progress report to the Board, which included a review of twenty action items that will meet the objective of achieving culture change in several areas, including: governance and accountability; diverse representation; accessible processes and effective responses to situations of harassment and discrimination; and education and training focused on prevention.

In the area of training and education, the working group will assess existing content of relevant courses and make recommendations, including the addition of bystander training and anti-oppression training.

The working group will also review complaint processes to ensure they are accessible and supportive, include support mechanisms for members, and to better define roles and responsibilities for members and staff. The working group will also develop a proposal for a permanent independent ombudsperson office.

Information Technology

The annual report on CUPE’s Information Technology (IT) was presented to the Board. In 2022, we will see extensive work on the continuing project of replacing and updating CUPE’s Per Capita Tax system (PCIS) and new releases of the Membership Relationship Management System. Other priorities include enhancements to CUPE’s Avanti Human Resource Management System, initiating CUPE’s Information Management Project and, finally, strengthening CUPE’s IT security protocols.

Financial Support 

The National Executive Board approved 28 cost-share campaign requests totaling $1,683,597, 14 requests for legal and arbitration support, totaling $564,000, and one request for legal support through the strike fund to preserve collective bargaining rights in the amount of $15,000.