In Memory

The National Executive Board (NEB) observed a minute of silence to reflect upon the loss of members in our CUPE family. Remembered were: Jane Louise Baker, Local 3550; Robert Wolfe, Local 4155; Jocelyne Chery, Local 3691; John Cronkhite, Local 1096; Katherine Barnes, Local 3550; Howard Matthews, retired staff; Jean-Pierre Cabana, retired staff; Art Kube, retired President, British Columbia Federation of Labour.

2019 National Convention

Advance notice for CUPE’s 2019 National Convention, being held in Montreal October 7-11, 2019, is being sent to chartered bodies in mid-April; it will also be available on our website. This package includes information about submitting resolutions (the deadline is July 9); the National Convention and Events Assistance Fund (deadline for application is June 14); and calls for nomination for various awards (deadline for nomination is July 9). Travel and accommodation information is also included.

Note that this year, all convention documents will be sent electronically wherever possible.

The NEB also appointed Sisters Judy Henley, Nan MacFadgen, and Candace Rennick to a sub-committee that will review applications to the National Convention Assistance Fund and make recommendations to the NEB at its June meeting.

Task Force on Governance

The Task Force on Governance, created by Resolution 36 adopted at our last National Convention, has completed its work of reviewing the governance and structure of our union and reported to the NEB with its recommendations. The NEB received the report of the Task Force and agreed to circulate the report to all chartered bodies. Locals should look for the report in early April.

NEB Resolution – 2019 Federal Election

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and some of his senior staff spoke to the NEB on Tuesday afternoon for a robust discussion about the federal political landscape and the coming federal election. Following Jagmeet’s visit, the NEB discussed the issues they wanted CUPE to highlight during the campaign, and the activities we could undertake.

By resolution, the NEB endorsed CUPE’s participation in the 2019 federal election, including engaging our members of key issues, publicly supporting the NDP, opposing strategic voting, providing training to our activists, and registering as a third party under the Canada Elections Act (

NEB Resolution – Unifor Raiding Activity

The NEB received information about a new raid launched in February by Unifor against UNITE HERE Local 75 at the St. Regis Hotel in Toronto.

By resolution, the NEB condemned Unifor’s actions, recommitted its support for UNITE HERE, and requested the CLC to provide UNITE HERE with support against the raid (

Information Technology

The NEB reviewed the annual report on CUPE’s Information Technology. Significant improvements in modernizing our technology include consolidation of electronic files and an increased use of cloud storage, the addition of new modules for our member relationship system that will better support our staff in the field, and training to ensure our staff are able to get the most of these new tools.

CUPE Real Estate Report

The NEB received the annual report on CUPE’s real estate encompassing our 67 offices throughout Canada, 18 of which are owned facilities, nine are leased-to-own, 40 are leased.

The report highlighted initiatives that are being undertaken to establish national and/or regional contracts for HVAC systems as well as building cleaning and maintenance,
as well as improve our property-related budget and financial management.

Financial Support

The National Executive Board approved 26 cost-shared campaign requests totaling $1,810,472.13, and 17 requests for legal support totaling $713,092.74.