• Endorse CUPE’s participation in the 2019 federal election, including:
    • Engaging our members on key issues, including pharmacare, health care, childcare, elder care, privatization, fair taxation, affordable housing, good jobs, retirement security, the environment, and electoral reform;
    • Providing campaign skills training for our activists;
    • Publicly supporting the New Democratic Party of Canada, and speaking out against strategic voting;
    • Targeting our activities to NDP candidates from CUPE and other unions, and competitive campaigns where our efforts can have the most impact.
  • Authorize our registration as a third party under the Canada Elections Act, and appoint Charles Fleury as our financial agent.


  • CUPE members, and working people across Canada, deserve representation in Parliament;
  • At its heart, and by its history, the NDP is Canada’s party of labour and working people;
  • CUPE is a founding partner of the NDP;
  • Strategic Directions 2017 – 2019, adopted at our 2017 National Convention, mandates our support for the NDP and makes the 2019 federal election a priority for our union.