CUPE 4835, The Syndicat Général du Cinéma et de la Télévision, SGCT, is worried about a wave of cuts that is coming to the National Film Board of Canada, NFB.

“We are concerned about our members. We fear a lack of vision, planning and hasty decisions in the announced cuts. Our members still carry the key role of the NFB, unique within the Canadian ecosystem, despite 20 years of financial disengagement from the government. We must remain accessible and present to continue the mission of the ONF,” added Olivier Lamothe, president of the SGCT—CUPE 4835.

After position cuts in the Halifax, Edmonton and Winnipeg studios last fall, 16 people were laid off following the dismantling of the interactive studios which were deemed uncompetitive.

Members of SGCT—CUPE 4835 fear more cuts could happen in the near future and worry about the effects they would have on the pursuit of the NFB’s mission. The dissolution of the regional authority specific to North-West Studio and The Atlantic Region Studio, centres bringing together many indigenous stakeholders, will have a major impact on the representation of the works produced by the organization.