Full of mistruths and unnecessary insults, the statement issued today by the Mayor of Black River-Matheson reeks of desperation and does little more than prove that striking workers are in the right, says CUPE 1490.

“We’re out on the picket line to call attention to our legitimate demands and calling on the Township to get back to the table with a better offer that we deserve,” said Serge Bouchard, President of CUPE 1490. “Meanwhile, Mayor Bender’s writing these personal attacks that will only cause more divisions in our community and keep us further and further away from a resolution to this labour dispute.”

In a letter to residents issued by the Mayor of Black River-Matheson, Doug Bender, he criticized the union’s opposition to a wage grid that would negatively impact new workers.

“We’ve been clear from day one that we would not accept a deal that divides us and new workers,” said Bouchard. “That’s what the fight’s for, and that’s what solidarity and unity is all about. And the Mayor criticizing us for sticking to this principle says a lot more about him than us. The insults won’t work. Our position is solid, and the Mayor’s increasingly frantic maneuvers only serve to highlight that fact for the public.”