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The main purpose and objective of any transfer of jurisdiction, merger or amalgamation of local unions, should be to unite CUPE members so that they can better represent the rights of their collective membership when dealing with their employer(s). The principal objective must always be the strengthening of the membership (bargaining leverage, effectiveness, and financial stability). Therefore, a transfer, merger or amalgamation may or may not be warranted, but often is.

Many CUPE locals have merged over the years to form a local that better answers their needs in todays world of difficult negotiation and representation. In the interests of greater bargaining leverage, of increased effectiveness, and of improved financial strength, mergers of local unions often make very good sense.

Before deciding if merging is the answer to a locals problem, it is important to assess the needs of the local and analyze how best to respond to those needs. While a merger is very often a positive reaction to address the problems that locals face, it may not be the right answer. We should not be afraid to address these concerns and explore all avenues open to us, in order to rectify the problems, whatever they may be.

Many major unions have decided that a merger is the right answer for them. The Airline Division of CUPE, support staff at Simon Fraser University, and many others have explored the road to a better future. For the most part, they have found that the positives far outweigh the negatives.
A guide to mergers