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Here’s how to get around Montréal at convention while keeping the environment in mind. From best to worst:

  1.  Walking/Running
  2.  Cycling
  3. Using public transportation
  4. Carpooling and Taxis
  5. Driving single-occupant vehicles


The Palais is right in the heart of the city. Either of these options is a healthy and environmentally friendly way to reach your destinations.


A bicycle the most efficient zero-emission vehicle available. If you don’t feel like bringing your own bike to convention, try the BIXI public bike system. There are 10 rental bikes available at the nearby Metro station. Montréal also has many pleasant bicycle routes to explore.

If you’re within 10km of your destination, biking is the fastest way to get there.

Public Transit

One bus replaces an average of 45 cars. And it’s safer too.

The Place d’Armes metro station is next door to the Palais, and buses 14, 55, and 129 take you to the front door. See: Palais des congrès public transport.

Carpooling and Taxi

Carpooling can replace as many as four cars, cut your greenhouse gas emissions by 75 per cent and cost you less.

Cab sharing is another worthy possibility.

Single-occupant vehicles

If you must drive your own car - the least environmentally friendly option - try to take fewer trips and:

  • Renting? choose a fuel efficient car;
  • Make sure your vehicle is properly maintained; and
  • Choose cleaner burning fuel