Fred HahnDedicated to diversity and protecting public services, Fred Hahn has been an active member of CUPE since 1991. A social worker raised in rural Ontario, Fred chose to use his degree from the University of Toronto advocating for children with intellectual disabilities with Community Living Toronto.

During the 1990’s, Fred built a strong record of union activism as a CUPE steward, health and safety activist, and local executive member. A pay equity and contract negotiator, Fred proved he could get results for public sector workers while improving community services. Elected to the Provincial and National Pink Triangle Committees, the National Environment and Resolutions Committees, and the Provincial Constitution Committee, Fred has a record of responsible and forward looking leadership within the broader union.

Elected to the CUPE Ontario Executive Board in 1998, Fred gained a reputation as a dedicated public sector campaigner, knowledgeable about the diverse issues facing workers in CUPE’s sectors. Passionate about improving public services through member driven political action, Fred pioneered the successful ACL provincial bargaining model culminating in a 200 million dollar provincial government investment in the sector. Committed to social unionism, Fred works closely with social movement coalitions to demand that the province invest in better public services that are accessible to everyone.

Known as a passionate voice for public service workers and equality, Fred made labour history in 2009 when he was elected President of CUPE Ontario. As the first openly gay labour leader in Ontario, Fred works to build diversity in the labour movement, while pushing for improved working conditions both for CUPE members, and for all workers in Ontario.