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Each day on CUPEs web site, youll find a question for candidates, a reason not to vote Liberal (or Conservative!) and a daily commentary. Youll also find political cartoons, fact sheets, issue flyers and other tools to help you play an active role in the federal election.

If youre going to an all-candidates meeting or visiting your candidates web site, here are samples of the questions for candidates from the first week of the campaign.

  • Will you reverse big tax breaks to big business?
    Paul Martin has been attacking Stephen Harper for supporting tax cuts at the expense of social spending, yet he himself was responsible for the largest corporate tax break in Canadian history. If elected, will you reverse the recent $1.1 billion tax break for big business?

  • How much of the promised health care dollars will go to profits?
    The Liberals have proposed billions more in health care funding. But how much of that will go to pad the profits of private MRI clinics and for-profit hospitals while leaving patients waiting for care?

  • Will you sign the public health care pledge?
    The pledge says you will immediately stop any further privatization of health care and you will protect and expand publicly funded and delivered health care.

    See: http://www.healthcoalition.ca/pledge.html (english only)

  • The Liberals promised to invest half of the federal budget surplus in social programs. Instead only 10 per cent of the surplus was spent on social programs. What would your party do to correct this?
    We have Canadians waiting too long for health care, 750,000 children living in poverty and our public infrastructure is crumbling.