Debra Merrier“Honouring and valuing the lived experiences of Black, Indigenous and racialized members will empower our members and encourage them to use their voices. We need their vital perspectives in our movement. Let’s walk the talk!” - Debra Merrier, National Diversity Vice-President.

CUPE has a long history of fighting against racism and discrimination - and winning.

We succeed by standing together in solidarity with Black, Indigenous and racialized members that are impacted by racism and discrimination, and collectively empowering them and others to raise their voices and tell their stories.

That’s why learning from the experiences and celebrating the successes of Black, Indigenous and racialized CUPE members, including those with intersecting identities, is the fourth goal of CUPE’s new Anti-Racism Strategy.

As part of this strategy, CUPE is committing to putting the experiences of our Black, Indigenous and racialized members at the heart of our anti-racism work.

Whether that’s telling more stories through CUPE’s print and digital publications, or highlighting those experiences at CUPE events, it’s more important than ever for us to pass the megaphone and amplify the voices of those impacted the most by racism and discrimination.

Between now and our National Convention in November ask how you and your Local can learn from the lived experiences of members who have faced discrimination, and honour their successes through your events and publications.

This is the fourth in a series of ten features profiling the goals of CUPE’s Anti-Racism Strategy. Read the full series here.