CUPE has a long and proud history of challenging racism. Delegates at CUPE’s 1999 National Convention adopted the CUPE Policy Statement on Workplace Racism, and since then our union has fought racism wherever we encountered it – at work and at the bargaining table, in our communities, and across the globe.

At our 2021 National Convention, CUPE members voted to continue this important work, by adopting a CUPE-wide Anti-Racism Strategy. 

The strategy contains ten key goals and actions we will take to help us get there, from increasing representation to education to political lobbying. You can read the full text of the strategy here.

Rooted in the knowledge and experiences heard during cross-country consultations with Black, Indigenous and racialized members, CUPE’s Anti-Racism Strategy is our plan to break down barriers and create a stronger, more inclusive union for the struggles ahead.