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A couple of city employees found themselves at the centre of a media storm after finding 70-million year old dinosaur bones. The discovery happened in August while the employees were digging a sewer line underneath a fancy west Edmonton neighbourhood.

Aaron Krywiak and Ryley Paul, both employees of Edmonton Public Works Department and members of CUPE Local 30, were jack hammering a tunnel one hundred feet below street level when Krywiak spotted something shiny.

The object, which turned out to be the tooth of an Albertosaurus dinosaur, was turned over to the foreman, who called the police, as well as officials at the University of Alberta. Archaeologists later found the bones of two other dinosaurs, one of which was in the process of being devoured by the Albertosaurus when both were killed.

Aaron Krywiak was one of two Local 30 members to find an Albertosaurus tooth while digging a sewer line in west Edmonton.

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