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On June 28th the democratically elected President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya was kidnapped from his home and taken out of the country by the military. The military then usurped power and installed a puppet government of Roberto Micheletti.

The Latin American Solidarity Network (LASN) - with support from CUPE as well as other civil society groups - sent 3 members to Honduras in early September, to obtain first hand testimony from leaders of the “Frente de Reistencia” and video document the situation on the ground.

While on the ground in Honduras the LASN members managed to interview a majority of the social movement leaders that make up the “Frente de Resistencia”. In exclusive interviews with trade unionists, workers, women’s groups, campesinos, indigenous, Garifuna and student leaders their story of struggle and resistance is told.

On September 21st Manuel Zelaya returned to Honduras seeking refuge in the Brazilian Embassy where he continued to call for a negotiated settlement as the only way to bring about peaceful resolution to the conflict.

After more than 126 days of peaceful and unrelenting resistance, and faced with massive violence, repression, murder, and detention by police and state military the people of Honduras have achieved a major victory. On October 30th both parties agreed to an Accord for National Reconciliation that would restore Manuel Zelaya to office. The accord must first be approved by the National Congress and then a verification commission will be establish to monitor the implementation of this accord.

The presidential elections for November 26th will go ahead as scheduled. The Supreme Electoral Tribunal is calling for International Observers to partake in the verification and legitimacy of the electoral process.

To see the video made by the LASN delegation visit www.rlasn.org.