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OTTAWA As Ralph Klein steps up the bully tactics to force Bill 11 into law, its high time federal Health Minister Allan Rock stepped in to stop the Alberta premiers private health care scheme.

“The Liberals are in danger of going down in history as the party that killed Medicare. They keep saying it wont happen on their watch. Well wake up, because its about to,” said CUPE National President Judy Darcy.

Poll after poll shows Canadians dont want private health care, instead favouring reforms and increased funding that will strengthen the public system. Opposition to Kleins health care bill is highest in Alberta, proving that the more Canadians know about Bill 11, the less they like it.

“Canadians are begging Allan Rock to act and not once the bills law, because NAFTA means it will be too late. With their dithering and delaying, Rock and the Liberals are recklessly endangering Medicare,” said Darcy.

Two CUPE-commissioned legal opinions show how Bill 11 violates the Canada Health Act and puts Medicare in jeopardy under NAFTA. Rocks failure to act leaves Canadians facing the reality that private American health care corporations could soon be unleashed across the country.

“The Liberals are fiddling while Medicare burns. Its not too late to change their tune. But they have to do it now. There isnt another moment to waste,” said Darcy.

CUPE has repeatedly called on Rock to intervene to prevent Bill 11 from becoming law. CUPE members have deluged Rock and other MPs with phone calls, faxes and emails urging Parliament to take action.

“Kleins playing a dangerous game of chicken with Canadian health care. Canadians are counting on Allan Rock to slam on the brakes,” said Darcy.

CUPE, Canadas largest union, represents 480,000 women and men working in health care, emergency services, education, municipalities, social services, libraries, utilities, transportation and airlines, including 150,000 health care workers.

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