Join us on a journey back in time, as we go back to 1964. Have a look at CUPE’s very first publication, The Journal. It was published in both official languages, in October 1964, one year after CUPE’s founding convention in September 1963.

In this historic publication, Stan Little, CUPE’s first National President, shares his thoughts on the present and future challenges of the newly-formed union, in his first “State of the Union”.

In this issue, you will also find an article on the very first CUPE strike, at the Perth Public Utilities Commission. Also have a look at the article by the Director of Organization, Bill Buss, titled “One Year of Growth”, that discusses some challenges around organizing and servicing.

We have certainly come a long way since then.

Journal October 1964 p.1

Journal October 1964 p.2

Journal October 1964 p.3

Journal October 1964 p.4