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CUPE Celebrates: 2007 year in review

Detail from the cover of CUPE Celebrates: 2007 year in review

This 24 page Adobe Acrobat document chronicles a year in the life of Canada's biggest union.

With one CUPE member in every 30 people in Canada's paid labour force, CUPE is a major player in the country's economy. CUPE members' wages contribute $20 billion annually to the Canadian economy.

CUPE National works on behalf of our 570,000 members in a variety of ways on a daily basis.

This year in review document covers some of the high points of a year whose news reel would otherwise be dominated by bad news. It includes small victories like new members, pension improvements, long struggles like the Journal de Québec lockout, and new awareness around issues like race, the environment and justice for aboriginal people.

CUPE Celebrates: 2007 year in review (Adobe Acrobat format)
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