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TORONTO – A baby elf, her mom and other moms and tots brought season’s greetings and their Christmas wish list for better child care to the Premier’s Queen’s Park door today. Singing a re-vamped child care version of the traditional carol The 12 Days of Christmas the moms and tots asked the Premier to leave a worthy legacy, a real plan for publicly-funded, not-for-profit system of early childhood education and care.

The Premier often says that “there’s never a wrong time to do the right thing”. As some municipalities, including Toronto are threatening to sell or close publicly-operated centres and the transition to full-day kindergarten has affected the viability of community-based, not-for-profit child care for infants and toddlers, the carolling moms said “this is the right time to invest in the future of children and families, by investing in a legacy of not-for-profit and public child care.”

Our neighbours in Quebec did just that when that provincial government created what is now a $7 a-day child care program.

For starters the moms called for an emergency fund of $200 million to stop the collapse of child care across Ontario and the expansion of for-profit and ‘Big Box’ child care. Yesterday, Edleun one of the largest for-profit chains announced its initial entry to Ontario with the acquisition of seven centres. Four are in the Greater Toronto Area and three are in Windsor where nine municipal not-for-profit centres were closed by the city last year.

Between December 13 and Christmas Day, December 25, the Premier and all Ontario MPPs will receive a daily 12 Days of Child Care Christmas email verse ending on the twelfth day with the following:

On the twelfth day of Christmas,

The Premier’s leg- a-cy*,

Uni – ver- sal child care,

Kids are not for profit,

Child care for toddlers,

Real plan for child care,

Cost-of-living increase,

Keep our pub-lic centres,

New way of fund-ing,

Two hund— red – mill—yan,

No-o wait- ing lists,

No big-box,

No-o centres closed,

And a prom -iss of bet- ter - child care.

A worthy legacy for the Education Premier would be a real plan for a publicly-funded public/non-profit system of early childhood education and care for all!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. Best wishes for the holiday season.

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