Stop Bill C-51Justin Trudeau and the Liberals supported eight of the twelve Conservative laws to undermine Canadian civil liberties and democratic freedoms.

The NDP supported none of them.

That’s the record according to The International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group (ICLMG), which has produced an excellent Election 2015: National Security Legislation Info Card on the positions of the federal parties on anti-terrorism, privacy, immigration and other related legislations of concern.

The issue of ‘National Security’ has been given a great deal of prominence in the 2015 Elections, largely to deflect attention away from critical domestic issues such as the stagnating economy, the need for a national child care program and a $15 minimum wage. ‘National Security’ can refer to anti-terrorism, privacy, immigration, refugee policies among others; it is often exclusionary and racist. 

It is now well documented that a significant target of policy and legislation regarding our ‘National Security’, and the threat of so-called ‘terrorism’ are those who oppose the federal Conservative government such as trade union activists, marginalized communities and our allies in civil society. National Security legislation, instead of keeping us safe, is being used in this country to undermine the civil liberties and democratic freedoms of all people living in Canada. CUPE is voicing strong opposition to Bill C-51, the Anti-Terrorism Act.