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CUPE members perform an incredible range of jobs, working around the clock, across the country and around the world, serving the public interest. This is a list of 199 jobs performed by CUPE members.

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Protect the environment
Care for seniors
Keep our cities safe
Respond to emergencies
Sterilize hospital rooms
Care for young children
Assure water quality
Promote public health
Plan towns and cities
Salt icy streets
Teach new Canadians
Defend human rights
Detect disease
Provide home care
Protect children at risk
Conduct research
Assure in-flight safety
Keep our schools safe and clean
Provide public transit
Shelter women at risk
Teach new skills
Work in casinos
Secure safe worksites
Combat homelessness
Promote community recreation
Provide legal aid
Type correspondence
Organize emergency relief
Design community facilities
Protect our heritage
Provide electricity
Produce radio and TV programs
Assure public safety
Help overcome disabilities
Clear winter roads
Plant gardens
Direct traffic
Promote the arts
Administer welfare programs
Develop public policy
Maintain buildings
Build web sites
Maintain public golf courses
Operate power plants
Serve the public
Provide ambulance paramedic services
Prepare and serve food at universities and colleges
Schedule community recreation facilities
Keep accounting books
Sweep streets
Maintain patient records
Process claims
Investigate complaints
Sterilize medical equipment
Run university radio stations
Work with tenants
Safeguard property standards
Program computers
Deal blackjack
Research land titles
Fix a fuse box
Print and publish documents
Catalogue books
Advocate improved services
Promote literacy
Analyze data
Recycle waste
Answer inquiries
Support learning
Repair roads
Drive school buses
Teach dance
Develop skills
Disinfect nursing homes
Operate heating plants
Design public spaces
Fight racism
Operate computers
Grade papers at universities
Purchase supplies
Teach infant care skills
Answer crisis phone lines
Drive a Zamboni
Operate campus centers for gay, lesbian and bisexual students
Make asphalt
Verify medical records
Monitor and eliminate hazards
Coordinate public interest research groups
Dispatch emergency services
Operate a university photo centre
Promote innovation
Assist special needs students
File documents
Cook and serve food in hospitals
Provide help to the unemployed
Raise funds
Help the public use library texts or computers
Assist elected representatives
Operate a campus safety patrol
Run tests in clinics and hospitals
Coordinate campus womens centers
Nurse the sick and aged
Keep offices running smoothly
Bring health care to seniors or the disabled in their homes
Curate collections
Update hospital charts and records
Broadcast daily news
Maintain vehicles
Teach swimming and pool safety
Provide computer technical support
Build better communities
Review applications
Teach English as a second language
Stop the spread of superbugs in hospitals and nursing homes
Bring power to Canadian homes
Catalogue and stock libraries
Design graphic materials
Protect public drinking water
Promote equal opportunities
Maintain public cemeteries
Operate innovative recycling programs
Educate pre-schoolers in child care centres
Build cabinets
Keep neighbourhoods clean and safe
Assure quality services
Maintain a stockroom
Fight fires
Work with students at risk
Collect parking fees
Operate peer counseling centers
Provide shelter for abused women and children
Answer information requests
Tend bar on campus
Care for group home residents
Take bets in casinos
Operate x-ray equipment
Treat wastewater and sewage
Coordinate volunteers
Keep our city gardens green and well-tended
Assess and collecting taxes
Promote and preserve workers arts and heritage
Monitor safety concerns
Lifeguard children at public wading pools
Read stories to kids
Operate needle exchanges
Restore power after storms
Manage services
Prepare nutritious food for patients
Inspect buildings
Refurbish schools
Organize record systems
Teach university courses
Install water and sewer lines
Prepare laboratory tests
Feed the elderly in nursing homes
Record court proceedings
Upgrade plumbing
Allocate grants
Help seniors with daily tasks
Promote international cooperation
Supervise construction
Help mentally and physically challenged students
Operate road maintenance equipment
Paint buildings
Secure services for children and families
Repair traffic lights
Prepare meals for toddlers
Re-connect broken power lines
Administer medications to special needs students
Bathe patients
Prepare mailings
Direct the public
Fix sidewalks
Counsel battered women
Unclog toilets
Teach activities to seniors
Administer paperwork
Put up Christmas street lights
Launder hospital linens
Make art
Process construction permits
Deliver meals in hospitals
Maintain school heating systems
Shovel walkways
Set up radiation equipment for cancer treatment
Issue parking tickets
See patients in clinics
Counsel people living with AIDS
Handle and dispose of hospital waste
Assist post-secondary students
Maintain public grounds
Operate the cafeteria cash
Dig trenches
Process permits for residential construction
Maintain community skating rinks
Design transmission grids
Administer programs
Promote public services