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CUPE LET workshops can help your executive and members:

  • Build skills;
  • Understand roles;
  • Make good decisions;
  • Plan;
  • Work as a team;
  • Deal with conflict;
  • Engage and include all members;
  • Prepare for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will take CUPE’s Local Executive Training (LET)?
LET is for members who are elected to, or want to run for local executive positions.

You can choose LET workshops for:

  • your local executive;
  • a group of members in your area, who hld the same position, for exmple secretary-treasurers, or recording secretaries.

LET workshops are also offered at CUPE Division and regional schools.

Can I take LET workshops if I am not on my local executive?
Yes, the workshops are also for members who want to learn more about being on the executive.

Is there a passport for LET?
There is no passport for the LET program.  You will receive a certificate when you complete each workshop.

How can I sign up for LET workshops?

  • Contact your national servicing representative or education representative to:
    • ​​schedule or attend workshops in your region
    • arrange a strategic planning session
  • ​You can find the list of LET workshops at cupe.ca/union-education.


New Locals 

  • ​Orientation for New Locals - variable
  • Introduction to CUPE - 9 hours/1.5 days


  • Leadership Basics for executive members - 9 hours/1.5 days
  • Leading as a Team - 3 hours/.5 day
  • Financial Essentials - 6 hours/1 day
  • Parliamentary Procedures - 9 hours/1.5 days
  • Conflict Resolution - 3 hours/.5 day

​Executive Position Skills

  • Recording Secretaries - 9 hours/1.5 days
  • Financial Officers - 12 hours/2 days


  • ​How Bargaining Works - 3 hours/.5 day
  • Analyzing Your Collective Agreement - 3 and 6 hours/.5 and 1 day

​Representing Members

  • Introduction to Ally Skills - 3 hours/.5 day
  • ​Duty of Fair Representation​ - 3 hours/.5 day
  • Duty to Accommodate - 9 hours/1.5 days

Visit cupe.ca/union-education

Contact your national representative or education representative to find out about, and request workshops offered in your region.

Staff can help you decide and access the education that will meet the needs of your local executive.