Several hundred members of CUPE and CSN, the Confédération des syndicats nationaux held a demonstration this morning to send a strong message to Quebec’s Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Geneviève Guilbault, and to her government. They are demanding major investments to public transit.

As far as CUPE and the CSN are concerned, the CAQ government must do more to support public transit companies in Quebec. Unions in the sector are demanding that Premier Legault make the right choice for the future of Quebec and for future generations by making the necessary investments to ensure quality and effective public transit in Quebec.

The unions are also asking the government to be honest when calculating the 70% share of the transit company deficits it is willing to cover.

“Public transit development is essential to achieving the objectives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, the CAQ does not have a clear policy on this issue, and it’s quite deplorable,” said CSN President Caroline Senneville. “Quebec needs a government that is innovative when it comes to public transit. This, of course, involves not only the workers in the sector but also society as a whole.”

“Public transit must be considered a foundation for tomorrow’s economy. We’re demanding that the government come up with permanent solutions to provide top-flight service to the public. Adequate funding ultimately means savings for households, as transportation is the second highest budget item for Quebec families, who are already being severely squeezed by the cost of living, said Marc Gingras, president of CUPE’s land transportation sector.