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What we want

  • Canada’s democracy must be protected from deep integration – the integration of Canada’s political, economic, security and cultural institutions with the United States and Mexico.
  • An end to plans by the Task Force on the Future of North America – a lobbying body representing business interests that is pushing deep integration – to annex Canada and Mexico under the U.S.
  • Canadian laws, regulations and policies to stand independent of U.S. and Canadian business interests and in favour of Canadian citizens and workers.
  • The power to protect our environment, public services and natural resources against the greed of Canadian and U.S. business interests.

How the Liberals have failed

  • Martin has pushed for deeper integration with the U.S. while deceiving Canadians by calling himself the “defender of Canada.”
  • In March 2005, Martin ratified the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, an agreement that harmonizes regulations, resources and security measures. The agreement affects health care, food safety, energy, water, the environment, border issues, immigration, civil liberties and military spending.
  • Economic integration with the U.S. means a race to the bottom by threatening social assistance, minimum wages, labour rights and social programs.

Why the Conservatives are worse

  • The Conservatives favour smaller government and would let business elites determine regulatory policy.
  • Tory tax cuts will further undermine public services and the ability of governments to stand up for citizens and workers.

What the New Democrats say

  • The NDP is willing to stand up to the U.S. to protect our resources.
  • They are willing to revisit Canada’s foreign investment review laws so that Canada doesn’t sell off its resources and public utilities only for the benefit of the U.S.
  • The NDP believe in public services that benefit all Canadians rather than the Liberals and Conservatives that put business interests first.