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Thetford-Mines, Friday, January 12, 2001 - The union representing the MRC de l’Amiante employees, Local 3647 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE-QFL), is asking the authorities at Thetford-Mines to reconsider their intention to extend their contract with the vimbec Company, due to expire next week. This contract has already been extended once, from September 2000 to January 2001.

Recognized expertise available at the MRC de l’Amiante

“The MRC de l’Amiante, which has 18 years expertise in this field and performs real cost assessments, based on hours worked, for 22 municipalities, has offered its services to the Municipality of Thetford-Mines at the same rate as it charges the towns already doing business with the MRC.

“Unfortunately, Thetford-Mines has not retained this offer, at least so far, preferring to extend its contract, at great expense, with the vimbec firm,” said Luc Bl0061nger, Secretary-Treasurer of the union.

The figures speak for themselves

“Public data for the past three years, to which citizens and, particularly, elected officials all have access, shows that the unit assessment cost per file processed by the MRC was $12.77, representing $199,183 for a total of 15,600 assessment files.

“As for vimbec, this firm charges the Municipality of Thetford-Mines the equivalent of $29.00 per file or $224,100 for 7,700 files. The figures speak for themselves in terms of the orientation Thetford Mines should be taking to ensure the healthy management of its assessment costs, in the interest of all its citizens,” added Mr. Bl0061nger.

Practices that must be denounced!

“The Municipality of Thetford-Mines is well aware that if it calls for tenders, as required by law for any professional contract over $100,000, it will have to retain the services of the MRC de l’Amiante; however, for some reason beyond our understanding, to avoid this obligation favouring vimbec, the City has chosen to extend its contract for one year instead of three, and to split it into two modules, each under $100,000.

“We have denounced these practices in many municipalities, particularly when the municipality in question will be obliging other municipalities, party to the merger, to take on additional and unjustified costs of $100,000 per year”, said CUPE representative Roger Gravel.

Thetford-Mines can still change its mind

“The Thetford-Mines’ authorities have until next week to make their decision to assign the assessment. We urge them to consider, not only the interests of the citizens of Thetford-Mines, but also those of Black-Lake, Thetford-Sud, Robertsonville and Pontbriand. It is simply a matter of being fair and showing respect for the future partners of the new City,” concluded Luc Bl0061nger.

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Luc Bl0061nger, tel. (418) 423-2557, ext. 26
Roger Gravel, tel. (418) 627-7737
Louis Cauchy, tel. (514) 384-9681, ext. 270