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Concerned Citizens of New Brunswick,
One of the most important aspects of your healthcare is the quality of care you receive.
The government of New Brunswick is going ahead with the privatization of services that are already being provided by public servants.  Sodexo, a multinational company from France, and the government of New Brunswick are negotiating a long-term for-profit contract to manage the Food Services, Housekeeping Services and Portering Services in healthcare establishments.  CUPE 1252, which represents these front-line healthcare workers, has provided the government with concrete information on why they should not proceed with this privatization. Facts have shown that in other healthcare jurisdictions across the country and in Europe, implementation of these types of contracts have failed and left a negative impact to those systems. As New Brunswickers, are you willing to allow a multinational company to take your tax dollars out of the country?  These tax dollars should be reinvested into the delivery of Healthcare in NB.

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