Golf course with water
Photo by: JamesTeterenko used under CC BY-SA license
Calgary Civic Employee Unions, CUPE 37 and CUPE 709, are celebrating the outstanding success of Calgary’s municipal golf courses over the past year. These courses achieved record-breaking profits and witnessed an unprecedented surge in attendance. These achievements underscore the vital role public services play in our community and the importance of maintaining affordable, high-quality golf courses for Calgary citizens.

 “Through hard work, skill, dedication and expertise, our members have revitalized the greens, fairways, and roughs, transforming these courses into some of the best-looking municipal facilities in Canada. Their commitment to delivering exceptional public services has garnered astounding results,” said CUPE 37 President Matt Sjogren.

Frank Donegan, president of CUPE 709, added, “Our members take great pride in our work, and our achievements reflect the passion and commitment we have for our community. The success of our golf courses clearly demonstrates that public services play a vital role in enhancing the quality of life for the people of Calgary.”

The remarkable achievements of CUPE 37 and 709 members underscore the importance of focusing conversations at council on the success and sustainability of the golf courses. These accomplishments serve as a clear sign that these public services should remain accessible and affordable for the residents of Calgary, rather than exploring privatization options, as has been considered in the past. Rounds for 2023 will be over 300,000 which is a nearly 50,000 increase from 2022 and lessons/programming increased by 20% from 2022.

CUPE is dedicated to continuing its mission of delivering exceptional public services and ensuring that municipal golf courses remain a valued asset for the people of Calgary.