Philippe Gagnon | CUPE Communications

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In this year’s federal election, CUPE and its members must work together to make our country a better place to live for everyone.

“For far too long, Conservative and Liberal governments have told Canadians we have to settle for less,” said Paul Moist, national president of CUPE. “It’s time to stop policies that only help the wealthy and well connected by voting for measures that benefit workers, their families and their com­munities,” said Moist.

During the election campaign, CUPE and its allies in the labour movement will push for impro­vements on four major fronts: child care, pensions, health care and good jobs. “In 2015, we can elect a government that will foster real change that matters for workers,” said Moist.

Child care

Parents across Canada work hard and make sacrifices daily to ensure that their children get the start they need. The cost of quality child care is prohibitive, often breaking the family budget. It is women who bear the lion share of having to miss work or worse downgrade jobs because they can’t find reliable child care. We need affordable child care parents can trust. It’s time to establish a national child care program.


pension. seniors

Over 11 million Cana­dians don’t have a workplace pension. Less than 25 per cent of Canadians contribute to RRSPs. It is undeniable that Canada is facing a pension crisis, and expanding the Canadian Pension Plan is the most efficient, effective and affordable way to address this crisis. All Canadians have a right to retire in dignity with a secure income by expanding the CPP and protecting the pensions we’ve got.

Health care

After 25 years of federal neglect, our public health care system is coming apart at the seams. Canada’s population is aging, and with more than five million Canadians already without a family doctor, we need immediate action. To ensure that Canadians get the quality care they need, when they need it, we must reverse the $36-billion cuts made by the Conservatives. It’s time for a national prescrip­tion drug plan, targeted investments in palliative care, home care and mental health, so that caregivers get the support they deserve and seniors can have affordable, quality care in the comfort of their home.

Good Jobs and Public Services

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Our economy is failing Canadian workers. For decades, the wages of Canadians have been stagnant, and now corporate interests are driving them down even more. The gap between workers and the richest Canadians is growing, and while families are struggling to make ends meet, the public services they depend on everyday are being cut. We need decent paying jobs for everyone, strong public services that fuel our econo­my and a taxation system where everyone – including corporations – pay their fair share.

“With increasing income inequality, shrinking public services and less than robust job opportunities for our youth, working people need a strong political voice – a voice with a vision for workers,” said Moist. “With Tom Mulcair and the NDP we can vote for the change we want, and actually get it.”