Remember that epic 2021 strike where CUPE NB showed the government just how powerful workers can be? Well, there’s another incredible strike you might have forgotten.

Let’s rewind to 30 years ago when our fiery New Brunswick division made the government blink. 

In 1992, the McKenna government tried to void signed collective agreements, using financial restraint as an excuse. But did CUPE back down? Absolutely not! 

With 20,000 CUPE members leading the charge, a province-wide strike shook New Brunswick. Schools were shut down, liquor stores closed their doors, and municipal services were disrupted. Even hospitals and nursing homes had to limit their activities to essential services. Other unions, including N.B. Coal, NBTel, and PSAC, walked out in solidarity. 

Premier McKenna and his government had no choice but to admit defeat. CUPE New Brunswick emerged victorious, securing a crucial win for workers’ rights. Learn more about this historic fight in CUPE’s publication, The Leader.

The Leader July-August 1992 p. 1

The Leader July-August 1992 p. 2