In Memory

The National Executive Board observed a minute of silence to reflect upon the loss of members of our CUPE family.  Brother Ed Scott, retired servicing representative in the Kingston Area Office, passed away on June 4.  Brother Carson Wilson, long-time CUPE activist from Local 1622 in British Columbia passed away in May.  Sister Joyce Moore from Local 5678 in Athens died while at work in early June.  Sister Judy Turcotte president of Local 1465 in Ontario died at work on April 17 of natural causes.

Sister Lindsay Wilson of Local 2635 in Kingston was the victim of a fatal domestic assault on April 4.  Brother Mike Harbourne of Local 4848, New Brunswick Paramedics died as a result of injuries sustained in a home fire.  Sister Tara Lynn Veri of Local 1766, Haldimand and Norfolk CAS, died in a car accident while on the job in March.  The husband of retiree Carol Marolt, Jakob Marolt, passed away on May 23.  The National Executive Board also recognized the deaths of Dr. Henry Morgentaler and Manitoba Aboriginal Leader

Elijah Harper both of whom passed away in May.

New Regional Vice-President

Brother Marco Lutfy, president of the Conseil provincial des affaires sociales (CPAS) and a member of the SCFP-Québec Bureau, was sworn in as Regional Vice-President for Quebec. Brother Lutfy replaces Sister Ginette Paul who resigned from the Board in May.   

Stand Up For Fairness

The Board discussed the ongoing work in preparing CUPE’s Stand Up for Fairness initiative, CUPE’s response to the CLC initiative to promote the value of organized labour.  CUPE is initiating an organizing plan in order to speak directly with all of our 627,000 members regarding their needs and the importance of CUPE to their economic and social wellbeing – as well as the importance of unions to the health of the economy, democracy and social fabric in Canada.  CUPE staff are currently developing materials and training programs to implement this plan.  While the work with local members has begun in Ontario, most regions will start to receive training and materials in September.   

NEB Resolution Promoting Labour Day

As part of the CLC Fairness initiative, which will see all affiliates speak directly with their members and supplemented by national advertising, the Congress is urging all affiliates to actively support and promote Labour Day activities in their communities.  The celebration of Labour and working class values is an important part of demonstrating pride in and commitment to organized labour and all that we do collectively.  CUPE’s resolution commits to promoting Labour Day with all locals as well as placing an organizer in each region across the country in order to make this the largest celebration of working people Canada has seen to date. The resolution can be obtained at

Financial Statements

The National Executive Board approved the audited financial statements of 2012 prepared by Deloitte Canada.  The statements will be sent to all locals and then posted to the CUPE website once CUPE Locals have received them.  The Board also received the National Trustees report and recommendations. 

Financial Support

The National Executive Board approved 20 cost-share campaign requests, totalling $1,323,194.00.  Ten requests for legal and arbitration support were approved, totalling $559,725.21.

National Convention

The Board reviewed plans for the upcoming National Convention in Quebec City, October 21-25, 2013, including the outline of a Strategic Directions paper to present to delegates as well as a few constitutional and policy resolutions to be presented to convention from the National Executive Board.  The Board also approved financial assistance for 53 locals to attend the National Convention under the National Convention Assistance Fund.  

Staff Appointments

The National Executive Board ratified the appointment of David From, Head of Information Technology, who will begin his employment with CUPE on June 24.

The National Executive Committee ratified the appointments of Brian Blakeley and Donna Felder, new Assistant Directors in Organizing and Regional Services.  

On behalf of the National Executive Board, we wish all CUPE members and staff a safe and enjoyable summer!