Hotel de Ville, VictoriavilleAfter announcing that a strike would take place starting next March 27, the union representing 200 white-collar workers, blue-collars and professionals with the Town of Victoriaville has just sent a notice to the Ministry of Labour to rescind the strike.

“Once again, we are attempting to explain to the employer that a collective agreement is achieved through negotiations. The mayor doesn’t understand why we’re going on strike. Perhaps he should find out what is going on, and then he would realize that the town cancelled the planned bargaining days in late January,” said CUPE union representative Mario Jean.

The contract of Victoriaville’s municipal public servants expired on December 31, 2021. Recently, members voted 88% in favour of resorting to pressure tactics up to and including a strike, which would have been triggered when the time was deemed right.

The union has invited the employer to resume and show an open mind to talks to ensure that Victoriaville taxpayers continue to receive quality service.