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Dec 8, 2023 | Kitchener Area Office, Kitchener, Ontario | English
In this workshop, members of local Mobilization Committees look at effective ways to engage members before bargaining begins, and throughout the bargaining process.

NOTE: This workshop is for the Mobilization Committee.
January 11 - 12, 2024 | CUPE Local 4705, Sudbury, Ontario | English | $20 (Affiliate) | $20 (Non-affiliate)
Conflict is a natural part of our lives. Learning to handle it well improves relationships with other members, co-workers and the employer.
In this workshop, you will:
• deepen your understanding of conflict;
• strengthen your communication skills;
• practice responding to conflict.
Jan 25, 2024 | Local 1022, Belleville, Ontario | English
This workshop covers what racism looks like in the workplace, and your role as a steward in challenging it.
Feb 10, 2024 | CUPE Local 109 Hall, KIngston, Ontario | English
Effective stewards are champions for human rights and equality. Explore what it means to be an ally, and ways that stewards can step up as allies in the workplace and the union.
Feb 21, 2024 | Local 1022, Belleville, Ontario | English
Why do I have to take notes? What kind of notes should I take? Are my notes private? Learn answers to important questions like these, and practice notetaking.

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