As workers, we must not be divided by forces promoting privatization, racism, islamophobia, forced migration, violence, and war. We must focus instead on the resistance movements in Canada and around the world, and find ways to build alliances and to strengthen our solidarity.

International solidarity is one of the most powerful tools we have to challenge the unjust economic system that is at the heart of the ongoing exploitation and oppression we experience daily in our lives in both simple and complex ways.

Through the Global Justice Fund, we support and engage with strong trade unions and social movement organizations across borders who are courageously organizing the most oppressed and marginalized amongst us, all of whom are suffering the consequences of the same neoliberal policies we face.

We do so with the understanding that our struggle as workers is a shared struggle for justice and dignity globally.

Through project funding, CUPE members have opportunities to build relationships with workers all over the world. We want to engage with movements that are struggling for jobs and job security, living wages, and safe workplaces, for access to public services and land rights and in opposition to violence and war.

If your local is interested in supporting the CUPE National Global Justice Fund and our international solidarity initiatives please visit, or contact our International Solidarity staff person, Kelti Cameron.