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Wednesday June 5is Clean Air Day and a great opportunity for CUPE members across the country to renew their commitment to healthier, cleaner and greener communities. 

Poor air quality is largely caused by environmental pollutants from transportation, industrial and agricultural sources and is linked to respiratory diseases like asthma, as well as cardiovascular diseases.

The young and elderly and people with pre-existing compromised lung function are at greatest risk from illnesses associated with poor air quality.

Air pollutants such as carbon dioxide also contribute to climate change. Improving air quality is a win-win for the planet and human health. 

CUPE members can make a difference

A simple choice is to ditch the car and use sustainable, cleaner transportation on Clean Air Day. Take public transit, ride a bike, walk, rollerblade or run to work Wednesday June 5. Try it once and you’ll see how easy it is to go green to get to work and around town.

CUPE has made a commitment to a greener future in its new environmental policy entitled “Working Harmoniously on the Earth”. Each of us can improve community and environmental health by taking action on Clean Air Day. 

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