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With apologies to the Bare Naked Ladies
OTTAWA - With thanks to the Barenaked Ladies for the inspiration, this is what we at the Canadian Union of Public Employees would do with $13.2 billion, last year’s federal budget surplus, announced Sept. 25 by federal finance minister Jim Flaherty.

If I had 13.2 billion dollars I’d restore funding to post secondary education, because an investment now secures a brighter future later. 

I would stop paying lip service to the environment and come clean with some good green. 

I’d inject some much needed cash to our desperately under funded health care system, and I would certainly deliver on transport to cities across this land. 

And while some like the $100 a month, many more cheers would come with a national child care plan, so to the tots I would say yes, and relieve the stress of their working moms and dads. 

Finally there is no way that if I had 13.2 billion dollars that I could look away from our brothers and sisters of the First Nations, it’s way past time that they get their share.”

With thanks to the Barenaked Ladies for the inspiration and the millions of Canadians that have paid through their taxes for quality public services, but have only received a shadow of what could truly be, this is what we at CUPE would do with $13.2 billion.

Paul Moist, National President, Canadian Union of Public Employees.