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In response to membership demand, the CUPE National Health and Safety Committee, in conjunction with the National Health and Safety Branch has started a Health and Safety legislative review project.  So far, 20 different Health and Safety related topics have been chosen and a jurisdictional scan for the legislation related to that topic has been performed.  For each topic, all the related legislation that was found has been grouped into a single document for use by members when lobbying for strengthened legislation, or for the bargaining table. 

The next stage of the project will see additional topics added, and commentary as to which legislative jurisdiction has ‘better’ language for our members to lobby for, or use when bargaining. 

Please note: This is for informational proposes only, and should not be considered a legal document.  Legislation changes frequently, and thought the committee will work to keep each topic up-to-date, it may not be completely accurate, and as such should not be used for legal purposes.  Opinions expressed in these documents are that of the committee and should not in any way be considered legal views.  Always get the advice of your staff rep, and/or health and safety specialist before proposing health and safety language changes to your collective agreement.  Due to the massive amount of information written in specific legal terms, this project is currently only available in English, we apologize for any difficulty this may cause.